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The Case of the Samos 2

The criminalization of both refugees and people who want to help is still ongoing in Greece. The case of the Samos 2 is just another example of that.

The case of the Samos 2 is by no means an unique case. Refugees, but also people who help, are repeatedly subjected to repression in Europe. The Greek authorities in particular often take harsh action against alleged smugglers - absurd sentences such as 288 years in prison are not uncommon. However, the boats are usually not driven by the smugglers themselves, but by refugees.

Helpers also end up in court repeatedly. Not only in Greece, where 24 activists were on trial last year for rescuing refugees in distress on Lesbos, but also in the central Mediterranean. Tomorrow, 21 May, the trial of four members of the Iuventa crew and two other organisations will start in Sicily. The defendants are accused of "aiding and abetting irregular entry" because they rescued people in distress at sea.

We stand in solidarity with the accused sea rescuers and with all people who are criminalised for fleeing. Fleeing is a human right, rescuing people at sea is a duty!

On 21 May, protest and solidarity actions will take place all over Germany. Come to an action near you and join in!

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