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Greek police force refugees to conduct pushbacks

Pushbacks at Europe's external borders have become a brutal political reality over the last few years, but the Greek police are now going one step further.

How low can Europe get? For years, the European Union has been looking the other way when it comes to human rights violations at its foreign borders. But what has now come to light is unsurpassable in terms of perfidy and cruelty, and unworthy of a European country.

According to the research of an international group of journalists from various newspapers, Greek police usees captured refugees to carry out pushbacks at the border river Evros. The people on the move, who are forced to be stooges, live in slave-like conditions, receive no regular food and are only allowed to leave the police stations at night to carry out their cruel work.

Some of the people have been on the move for years and have already tried several times to cross the border without success. Once arrested, they are beaten by the police, their belongings are taken from them and an offer is made: no jail and a 30-day visa to Greece. In return, they have to do pushbacks on the Evros until they are released.

It is shameful. We have no words. How can a state blackmail people seeking protection and degrade them to slaves? Where are the so-called European values at the external borders? Where is the outcry?

We demand an immediate end to all pushbacks at the European external borders and safe passage for all.

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